Figure Models

A job as one of those successful figure models is perfect for someone who look extra good in a bikini. However, the requirements for a job like this does not stop here. You also need to have a considerable amount of muscle, something that takes a lot of dedication and time at the gym, especially if you are a woman. Competitions are also a good way to show off your lean and athletic body without having to deal with the grueling demands of traditional bodybuilding. The figure subcategory of most fitness competitions require women to have symmetry and tone and does away with the usual routines common to most fitness competitions, especially bodybuilding contests where muscle definition and bulk as well as presentation are key elements. Two of the top figure competitions being held today are Fitness Olympia and Fitness International.

Model workout

The right number of reps is often the key to successful exercise routines. Models can do with a couple of sets composed of 8 to 15 reps. Certain body parts need more attention than others. For example, they may need to focus on their glutes, hamstrings, the arms, the back, and the quads. The shoulders, chest, and arms are very important as well. It is easy to work out these areas, but overworking them can lead to very large, unnatural muscles that will not look proportional with the rest of the body.

Getting a trainer is essential if you want to make sure you are working all areas correctly. A trainer or a coach can help you plan a tailored physical fitness regimen and help assess if you have developed a muscle set, enough to stop working it out. Developing the hamstrings is especially important. Stiff leg deadlifts are just some exercises that should be incorporated into your routine to develop this area.

Single leg squats, done evenly for each leg so that one is not bigger than the other, will also help define your legs. Another body part that should not be overlooked is the abs. Because of the different muscle groups that need to be worked out, you may want to alternate working out between days; allocate one day for obliques, the next day for the lower abs, and so on. You also need to do several isolation exercises such as chest flies, cable curls, and single arm rows to bring more definition to your arms.

How to get noticed

Now that you have the right body, getting the right representation and making an image for yourself is the next step to succeed in this business. While it may be important to get an agent who can represent you, if you are just starting out, going freelance while you are still building a portfolio is a good option.