Fitness Models

Fitness models are known for their dedication to exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. This is a good career option for those who are passionate about staying healthy and looking and feeling great. As compared to glamorous fashion and runway models, fitness models emphasize the right size and tone of muscles to give the appearance of strength and health. Women who are interested in this field aim for an athletic yet feminine body.

Who can become a model for fitness

Anyone with the passion for aesthetics and healthy living can become a model for fitness. These models usually need to spend a lot of hours at the gym to look their best and eat only the healthiest food. Their trainers formulate special exercise regimens to keep their muscles symmetrical and their body in perfect alignment.

Exercise regimens

Models undergo strict exercise routines in order to get the ripped abs and the muscular shoulders that make them look so appealing. These consist of cardio and muscle training. Cardio training is good for the body, but the key is strength training, which helps build and tone muscle. They typically work on different muscles at a time in order to make sure that everything looks symmetrical. An unnaturally large bicep, for example, could spell disaster. Experts advise against doing too little or too much exercise, especially too much cardio as this can eat away the muscle that you are working to gain. It is also important not to overexercise, as this causes the body to reach a plateau that can slow down your progress. The best thing to do would be to hire an instructor who can help you make a workout plan that is made specifically for your body.

How to become one

Becoming a fitness model requires a certain mix of good genes and hard work. Although you do not have to be supermodel tall, you do need to have a body that is symmetrical and good to look at. Petite women actually do pretty well in this field.

For a bit of inspiration, look no further than some of the most famous personalities who have achieved fame with their perfectly symmetrical and athletic yet distinctively feminine physiques. The list includes Ashley Lawrence, Kiana Tom, and Mary Castro. Mary Castro has been on the cover of several magazines and appeared on The Kentucky Fried Horror Show, a movie released in 2008. On the other hand, Kiana Tom is a former Raiders cheerleader and the host of ESPN's Kiana's Flex Appeal. The woman who tops the list is Chells, a Dutch model who placed first at the Dutch Nationals Figure Championship in 2006 and has graced the covers of numerous glossy magazines.